The Team

There are many good ideas. With a great team we have started to realize ours!

Who we are...

The boss of our world saving headquarters. As a political scientist he has many dreams. He knows about almost everything. What he does not know, he delegates; what he knows he articulates; what he does know only marginal he conceals. He is by no case a black and white thinker; he rather sees the shades of grey that others do not even notice. Of course as a generalist he interferes with everything.

Our woman for strategy and management never loses track. Carrot and stick might be the expression that characterises her the best, matching her motto "work hard, play hard". As an early bird she strains everybody's nerves with her f*''g good mood.

Our man for expertise. No text is too complicated for him, no essay too sophisticated when it comes to figuring out new facts or preparing for conferences.

Textile & Clothing Management student and current B.A.-candidate with ambition to write the one and only comprehensive guide for social- and ecocertificates. At least doubled the workspeed in our office. Is that fair?




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