In english please…

Freitag, den 7. Mai 2010

Aktueller Statusbericht von Twitter: Gut 750 Follower
Das ist ja schon mal nicht so schlecht, aber die eigentliche Neuheit ist, dass wir jetzt auch auf englisch twittern.
The Fashion rEvolution is now also twittering in english.
Not always but as often as possible
Follow us and get news ’bout sustainability, eco, fashion n’ [...weiterlesen]

“Green” up your life

Dienstag, den 20. Mai 2008

TweetShareYou want to become more “green” and do something for the environment, but don’t know how to start?
Let’s get started by making your wardrobe a little greener:
“How to green your wardrobe” at contains many useful tips that everybody can follow without having to change their whole lifestyle.
Here you can get inspired on how [...weiterlesen]